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What is Wichtelmania.com?

Online Secret Santa via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, ...
No Email Registration!

Create a Group - Invite Friends - Draw Names.
It's so easy and so much fun!

Wichtelmania randomly draws names for you
and the drawn combinations will remain secret!

You can even exclude certain combinations or use wishlists!

Watch our short video tutorial and to find out more...

Here you can set up your own Secret Santa gift exchange (also known as "Kris Kringle", or "Wichteln" as it's called in central Europe and here on Wichtelmania.com) for free and without registration - for your friends, your family, your bowling club, ... . You can even create one Secret Santa group for each different group of friends!
Draw the names for your Secret Santa group online with our Secret Santa Generator and send the secret links to your group by email yourself - no email address will be transferred to our servers.
Or send the links to your group using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, ...!

Create a Group

And that's how it works...

You create a new group and get the secret group admin link. Keep this link and don't give it to anybody else! With this link you can later edit your group and draw names.

You also get a second group link. Send this link to your friends (via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, ...). Everyone can now add their name to the list, or you can also add all the names yourself.

Your friends can register using the group link, and everyone gets their secret Wichtel link. Then you can draw names. With their secret Wichtel link everyone can now find out, for whom they will get a gift. And if someone loses their secret link, the admin can send it to them after the names have been drawn.


Create a Group

Wichtel What?

Wichteln - also known as "Secret Santa" - is a fun tradition to bring even more variety to giving and to receiving gifts. Everyone in your group draws the name of another person to give a gift to. This name must be kept secret! Wichtelmania helps you draw random combinations for your group online!

When is Secret Santa time?

And here's the best thing: Secret Santa is not just a Christmas tradition. You can do it whenever you want to give something special to your friends and family. And it's fun whenever and wherever you do it: at Easter, on Saint Nicholas Day, during carnival, at your school's out party, at your young mums' group's meeting, at your bowling club's yearly party, at halloween, on valentine's day, ... . So don't wait and start a group right now!

Create a Group

Hybrid Wichtel

Wichteln is also an alternative to "mass giving" - e.g. for christmas. Instead of a gift avalanche you give (and get) ONE well selected gift.

Someone who already has a gift for a certain person may specify that they do not want to give another Wichtel present to this person (very useful for couples).

You as Wichtel Admin can specify, that certain combinations should be avoided.

Kitsch Wichtel

Find something truly exquisite. An umbrella stand or an oil painting of a sunset in the birch forest is guaranteed to bring joy to the gift´s recipient.

Hint: You best start looking for really "good" pieces during the year.

When: This variation is often used for New Year´s Eve Wichteln.

Trash Wichtel

The slightly rougher version. The one who gives the most pointless piece, is the winner.

Just wrap into newspaper!!!

No perishable items, please!

+ Additional Variation

When someone can guess, who has given them their present, they can swap presents with their noble donor.

Create a Group